Perfect places for bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is a relatively new activity, full of adrenaline. And even if throwing in naked, tied to a rope, is safe, we have to give proof of courage to try. Leap into the void from unimaginable heights and speeds that can break your neck caters to people with special much really cold blood. If you are passionate about something, you below the best locations in the world where you can try this extreme sport.

1. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

A single location for bungee jumping practice, because you should not worry about in terms of wind and other weather conditions, as it is located within the popular mall, West Edmonton. Until now, the only place where bungee jumping can be practiced inside.

2. Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa, Africa

This is the highest bridge that you can jump and largest construction with a single pass, arc shaped the world. Bloukrans Bridge is also recognized as the highest location for bungee jumping in the world, those who dare to jump here and can do it at a height of 216 meters.

3. Auckland, New Zealand

Beautiful city of Auckland hosted the first jump bungee jumping off a bridge located in a port. There are several options for jumps, including one in which touch water before being thrown back up.

4. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Africa

The famous bridge at Victoria Falls in Africa could well be the most popular bungee jumping location in the world. Jumpers throw themselves off a bridge beneath the Zambezi River from a height of about 111 meters. The scenery is also fantastic.

5. San Jose, Costa Rica

Here is a bridge called Tropical Bungee, 56 kilometers west of the capital San Jose. It is one of the highest bridges for bungee jumping in the world with a height of about 81 meters.